Stuff I Want


  I thought it was a good time to share with you some stuff that I want. I have done something similar before and actually a year after I had published the first list of stuff I find it interesting how accurate or rather inaccurate the list actually was, hindsight…

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Nostalgia: Jagged Alliance 2

JA2 113 Title Screen

Over the weekend I decided to look at my collection of older games and see if there is anything interesting there. Indeed there was, the first box I looked at in fact was good enough for me to stop looking. The game? Jagged Alliance 2, bought about 11 years ago….

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Wiedzmin 2 Looking Pretty


The White Wolf is back and this time, he looks great and is out to get his ass kicked! Yep that’s right, he’s had enough of the ass kicking he had to do in the first game, taking on 5 or more enemies at the same time with ease, slicing…

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Top 10 revisited


About 7 months ago and as it happens, in my last post, I gave a top 10 list of the games I was looking forward to. It’s about time to write another post and I thought what would be better to write about but to take a look back at…

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Top 10 Games I’m looking forward to in the near future


In the near future there will be a number of sequels to games coming out to games that I’m very much looking forward to playing. Actually to be honest I just realized that all but one of the games on this list are sequels and I’m wondering whether that’s just me not willing to try new things or whether the producers are being a bit lazy in coming up with new concepts? Probably it’s a mixture of both, of course producers will want to stick to money making franchises that already have a following and I will always tend to look forward to games that I”ve played and liked in the past… wow, what a bombshell. 😉

Ok, lets get on with it …

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Just recently I’ve uncovered a new sandbox game. It’s called simply Minecraft ( ) and it’s… well… it’s like lego or any other toy based on blocks and creativity but in a virtual environment. There are a few modes for the game including creative multiplayer, survival single player and…

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To Starcraft 2 or not to Starcraft 2?

The dilemma I’m having is not whether Starcraft 2 is a good game or not, I think it’s quite obvious that it’ll be a good game. I have no doubt that Blizzard knows how to make a good popular game that will be around for many many years. The question I have…

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